CommNexus San Diego leadership and staff are assisted by committees that provide guidance and feedback from the industry on the direction of our various programs. These committees are comprised of industry leaders who donate their time and resources through their knowledge and expertise. The following committees are currently taking active roles in CommNexus programming:

EvoNexus Committee

MarketLink Committee

The CommNexus MarketLink Committee provides guidance on the CommNexus MarketLink™ program and is responsible for overseeing the pipeline of MarketLink Partner companies that participate. The committee also oversees the establishment and ongoing relationships between CommNexus and our global affiliates.

Committee Chair

Kobe Bogaert
Strategic Momentum
Mr. Bogaert has 15 years of experience in executive roles where he has worked with companies from a VC backed start-up to medium sized and multi-national companies. He has worked with Dr. Igor Ansoff, a distinguished strategic thinker and author often referred to as the ‘father of strategic management’. He has successfully applied his strategic management skills to help position his client companies for further growth, increased value and subsequent exits. Mr. Bogaert has an extensive international network to help his clients establish relationships with domestic and international companies.

Headliner Committee

The CommNexus Headliner Committee provides guidance on the CommNexus Headliners program and is responsible for creating and structuring the content for these events.

NextStage Committee

The CommNexus NextStage Committee provides guidance on the CommNexus NextStage program and is responsible for developing and reviewing the pipeline of participating companies as well as for selecting knowledgable executives from a wide range of industries to participate on the panel of each individual program session.

Committee Chair

Martha Dennis, Ph.D.
Dr. Martha Dennis is currently Principal at Gordian Knot, an advisory firm to emerging technology businesses in San Diego.  She was a Venture Partner with Windward Ventures from 2002 to 2006; Windward Ventures invests in early-stage Southern California technology companies. Previously Dr. Dennis was President and CEO of WaveWare Communications, Incorporated, which she co-founded in April 1997; WaveWare sold software for wireless handheld connectivity.  Formerly Dr. Dennis was co-founder and Vice President of Engineering of Pacific Communications Sciences, Incorporated, a San Diego based developer of wireless communications equipment founded in 1987 and sold to Cirrus Logic in 1993.  From 1976 to 1987 Dr. Dennis led software development at Linkabit Corporation as Assistant Vice President.  She currently serves as a Director of Mundoval (NASDAQ: MUNDX), as Chairman of the Board of Netsapiens, Inc., as Lead Director of Space Micro Inc., and as a Director at Clarinova and Odyon.  She also serves on advisory boards for several entrepreneurial technology ventures, chairs the CommNexus Nextstage program, co-chairs the EvoNexus Steering Committee, and is a member of the Chairmen’s Roundtable.  She is also a member of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels.  Dr. Dennis holds a doctorate from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Smith College.