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EvoNexus’ mission is to stimulate the growth of new high technology companies in San Diego. We strive to extend our support beyond the incubator’s four walls, offering EvoNexus alumni access to education, services, and wide network of business contacts.

Our EvoNexus graduates play a fundamental role in our ongoing efforts by maintaining their participation in our programs, providing support to current incubator companies, and sharing their recent successes.

Our Graduated Companies:

ecoATM's eCycling Stations automate the trade-in and buy-back process for mobile phones and other used consumer electronics, electronically and visually inspecting devices, administering promotions, and providing real-time incentives. By finally making the resell/recycle process convenient and profitable for all stakeholders (Consumers, OEMs, and Retailers) ecoATM will dramatically increase participation in environmentally responsible recycling and the flow of used goods into secondary markets that need them.
Website: http://www.ecoatm.com

IO Semiconductor
IO Semiconductor (IOsemi) is an early-stage fabless semiconductor startup targeting the fast growing market for multi-band, multi-mode cellular handsets.  IOsemi’s experienced team is developing a new approach which combines advanced technology and design innovations to enable a dramatic simplification of existing architectures which will simultaneously deliver enhanced performance and lower costs.
Website: http://www.iosemi.com

TetraVue is developing high resolution 3D measurement and imaging technology that will greatly increase the speed and accuracy of acquiring 3D metrology. The new type of camera will produce megapixel 3D images with survey-grade shape and dimensional information in real-time. This capability is needed in a variety of applications from construction and civil infrastructure to motion picture special effects.

Pixon Imaging
Pixon Imaging develops and manufactures advanced image-processing systems with a focus on real-time video image processing. Pixon Imaging's PX50 Series Image Processors and proprietary algorithms provide image enhancement in a variety of military, homeland security, surveillance, and scientific applications. The company's technologies include the patented Pixon(R) image reconstruction method.
More information on Pixon Imaging

MicroPower Technologies
MicroPower Technologies was founded on the idea that wireless surveillance could be cost effective, easy-to-deploy, secure and highly reliable. The company’s innovative research and development team has designed a comprehensive surveillance system that redefines the market through its use of intelligent algorithms that enhance video quality and reliability, while maximizing cost effectiveness. Its flagship product, the Rugged-i™ wireless video camera, incorporates advanced software and ultra-low power wireless technologies to eliminate data and power cables. MicroPower products are distributed globally in the commercial, border protection, government, retail, education and public utility markets.
Website: http://www.micropowerapp.com
More information on MicroPower Technologies

Perminova, Inc.
Perminova develops and markets web-based software for the nation’s leading cardiology centers, pioneering healthcare’s move from outdated client-server technology to modern-and-secure cloud computing. Perminova products are electronic surgical records systems for cardiology, and they’re more robust, flexible and cost-effective than anything currently on the market. Perminova's first product, Perminova EP, vastly improves charge-capture and efficiency in the electrophysiology lab through a customized module for scheduling, workflow and billing. And it automatically produces case reports and billing reports. Because Perminova software is web-based, it easily integrates with any existing electronic medical records system. Plus, it’s low-cost and deploys and upgrades easily via the web. Currently, Perminova EP is used at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and three hospitals in the UC San Diego Health System.
Website: http://www.perminova.com




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Independa, Inc. (“Independa”) is a San Diego company offering a unique blend of technologies that help Caregivers rest at ease as their elderly loved ones extend and enhance their independence. Independa’s integrated technology platform provides greater safety, social connectivity and improved health for Care Receivers and peace of mind for their family Caregivers. The system provides significant cost savings versus today’s alternatives including home healthcare and institutionalized senior care.

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A new, more efficient way to analyze and distribute satellite imagery that can be used to assist in answering global questions for big business and governments. Tomnod uses mutliple technologies to enable massive scale data analysis.


P4RC is an addictive social gaming network for iOS and Android that allows players to compete with their friends and win real prizes.


Early Stage Graduates:

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Greentape (formerly Ugliapps)

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