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Launched in May 2012, “Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus” is a Qualcomm Labs-sponsored business incubation program operating within the walls of the CommNexus incubator, EvoNexus. Working alongside each other, Qualcomm Labs and EvoNexus are providing start-up tech companies with the opportunity to transform ideas into businesses and products that answer the technology needs of the future.

Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus Benefits:

EvoNexus provides the following benefits at 0 cost to entrepreneurs:
- Rent-free use of fully furnished office space
- Mentoring & oversight
- Visibility to capital providers
See full list of EvoNexus benefits

PLUS Qualcomm Labs will offer one or more companies admitted to the EvoNexus incubator the opportunity to receive seed funding of up to $250,000 each.

Applications are now open:
We accept applications to the program in conjunction with EvoNexus’ application rounds.  While you may submit your application at any time, the last round of 2013 has already closed.  Stay tuned for 2014 application dates.



Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus Areas of Interest:

Qualcomm Labs reviews and considers funding for all companies admitted to the EvoNexus Incubator in any technology area. Additionally Qualcomm Labs has specific interest in companies addressing the following spaces:

Connected Objects
Solutions that help M2M devices come to market quickly, join and form networks seamlessly, and communicate effectively.

Socially Aware
Opportunities to leverage wireless and personal computing devices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in health and education.

Low Cost Backhaul
Reducing the burden on core networks through innovative approaches to backhaul, focusing on underlying technologies (e.g. compression, scheduling), and the business models under which access is delivered (e.g. QoS, shared access)

Sustainability and Green Technologies
Improving the power efficiency of portable devices, along with core innovations that drive green production and recycling.

While a representative from Qualcomm Labs participates in the selection committee for review of companies applying to participate in the EvoNexus incubator program, EvoNexus determines the actual selection of companies.

Qualcomm Labs will consider seed funding of companies admitted by EvoNexus to the incubator program based on alignment with Qualcomm Labs funding interests. All funding will be subject to mutual agreement on funding agreement terms. For additional information about terms and conditions relating to your application to this program, please refer to the Q&A below.

Thank you to everyone who applied to the Qualcomm Labs @ EvoNexus program in the Summer 2012 round (closed July 3rd 2012). We are delighted to announce Qualcomm Labs funding for Arynga, Breadcrumbs, FatSkunk and Edico Genome in conjunction with their admission to EvoNexus.


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For questions about the EvoNexus incubator please contact:
Rory Moore: rmoore@commnexus.org or Michele Yoshioka: myoshioka@commnexus.org

For questions about the QualcommLabs@EvoNexus program please contact:
Navrina Singh: navrinas@qti.qualcomm.com

For press related questions please contact:
QualcommLabs PR: QLabsPR@qualcomm.com