CommNexus, it's names and logos are trademarks of CommNexus San Diego. As such, the names and logos may only be used with permission and in accordance with the guidelines stated herein. The strength of the CommNexus mark and its brand equity are built on the proper use of the mark. As a result, these guidelines must be followed when using the CommNexus brand. Additional guidelines may be developed through consultation with the Marketing Department of CommNexus San Diego.

CommNexus and the star logo are registered trademarks. Each use of the marks must indicate its status as a mark by including the TM(trade mark) symbol for services. If the mark(s) appear numerous times in a printed matter such as a brochure, the trade mark notice should follow the mark at least once in each piece of the printed material, usually the first time the mark appears on the page.

Example: CommNexus™ San Diego, formerly the San Diego Telecom Council, is a non-profit network of communications industry companies, defense industry companies, service providers, professional trade organizations, and local government. CommNexus has…

CommNexus San Diego oversees proper use of its name and logo. This includes monitoring the use of the marks in the marketplace, directly contacting those organizations that are using them improperly or without authorization. Consequences of misusing the marks may include the revocation of permission to use the logos or names. If an employee or contractor of CommNexus San Diego observes a misuse, or a possible use of the mark without authorization, please report it to itena@commnexus.org.


The CommNexus logo represent our organization and our Web site and are a visually significant part of the overall branding strategy. A familiar brand can easily identify a product, inspire consumer confidence, and communicate value. These guidelines outline how, when, and in what graphical format the logo should be used.

1. General Rules of Use
  • No adaptations or changes of the logo are allowed.
  • The logo may be resized but you must maintain the original proportions when doing so. However, the logo may be no smaller than three quarters of an inch (3/4") in diameter and must have a resolution of 72 dpi.
  • The logo may be reproduced in color, black and white, or reverse black and white, as outlined below.
  • The logo may not be integrated into another graphical element or logo.
2. Colors

Used in most graphical settings, the CommNexus logo consists of three colors; Teal, Green, and Black. However, to accurately reproduce the logo, specific RGB or equivalent process colors should use:
  • Teal - All graphics images (main star in logo) should be RGB(0,165,169) or the process color equivalent: HEX#00A5A9. The web safe color, HEX# 00AAAA is also suitable for web use only.
  • Green- All graphics images (outer components of star in logo) should be RGB(131,169,89) or the process color equivalent: HEX#83A959. The web safe color, HEX# 88AA55 is also suitable for web use only.
  • Black - All text in the logo is in process black or web safe color: HEX#000000.
For clarifications or questions, please contact the CommNexus marketing & graphics department at (858) 546-4150.