Leading the San Diego tech industry in valuable programs

CommNexus leads the San Diego tech industry in programs that address the most pressing issues in the global communications market and drive business innovations from startups to multinational corporations.

EvoNexus is a community-supported, fully pro-bono technology incubator with locations in San Diego and Irvine.  Our passion is helping startups grow.

MarketLink connects emerging technology companies with leading multinational corporations through an efficient and effective program at no cost to the participants.

Headliners bring the industry’s highest-caliber players to the podium.  Our Headliner program is a series of talks and panels drawing crowds of 300-600 senior executives, communications technologists, and industry experts to our specially-curated talks every time.

Special Interest Groups provide the San Diego tech industry with open forums in our Special Interest Group events, dedicated to specific topics in technology and innovation.

NextStage helps early-stage businesses take the next steps to success by providing advice and assistance to entrepreneurs in vital business areas.