With over 300 corporations actively working in the communications technology space, as well as five major universities working closely with the industry, San Diego has quickly become a global hub for wireless technology. WiMax, UWB, VoIP, DigitalVideo, PTT, UV Sensors, FLO, 3 and 4G CDMA; telemetry, antenna and battery enhancement, FSO, Satellite, and Cable are just a few of the many technologies that help propel the industry forward. However, in order to keep this momentum, the young, hungry, small companies that develop these technologies first need someone to recognize them. Marketlink helps to pair these emerging companies with multinational corporations such as Qualcomm, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Samsung, and Sony.

This is where MarketLink comes in.

Now, more than ever, technology is moving at an accelerating pace. To stay competitive, large corporations need to identify and license technologies developed by emerging companies that are on the forefront of communications technology. But how do large corporations and capital providers keep current and in the know about who is doing what? At CommNexus San Diego we are dedicated to making sure that those seeking cutting edge technologies are connected with those creating the latest and greatest.

MarketLink brings parties of mutual interest together so that each can benefit from what the other has to offer – kind of like a global communications match-maker.

How does MarketLink work?

Corporations and venture capitalists looking to become more globalized, broaden their vendor lists and find innovative technologies and approaches will first contact CN to begin the process.

  • Provide CommNexus with a list of specific technologies you are seeking, as well as an application form.
  • A general email blast is sent to the over 7,000 professionals in our database asking for a response from those working in specified fields who wish to partner with you.
  • CommNexus collects the applications, does initial screenings and forwards the results on to you. Our CEO may even make personal calls to encourage specific companies to respond if they fit the profile.
  • You then select the applicants from which you want to hear from. A typical MarketLink day consists of 5-8 appointments in the morning, a lunch with all the applicants to give them an overview of the marketing participant, and 8-10 appointments in the afternoon. Depending upon the number of applicants selected, the presentations may range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • Finally, a team from your corporation arranges for meeting space and lunch. Most often this is done in one of the San Diego resorts or hotels. Staff from CN are available to assist with the logistics of the meeting.

Getting Started.
The first point of contact for MarketLink is Rory Moore, CEO for CommNexus. To begin the process, an initial meeting is held (preferably in San Diego) to lay the groundwork and set expectations. At this time, time-lines are set and plans are made for the MarketLink event.

Although there is no set fee for the service at this time, CommNexus does strongly encourage participating corporations or venture funds to become sponsors. CommNexus San Diego is funded solely by sponsorship dollars and needs support to continue offering programs such as MarketLink. In addition, sponsorship allows the participating corporations a continued presence as part of the large network of communications technology companies that CN represents.

Please contact:
Rory Moore
CEO, CommNexus

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