Save the Date:  First Meeting of the Mentor Roundtable

Those Present: Jordan Greenhall, Steve Adler, Alean Kirnak, Lindsey Burroughs, Mike McKeever, Curtis Cook, Jim DeLapa, Bill Carpenter, Pieter van Rooyen, Joe Markee, Jack Bissell, Chris Langlois, Cindy Subido, Tom Sammon, Wain Fishburn, Mike Krenn, Rory Moore, Johan Brundell, Ake Persson, Hunt Eggleston, Steven Norsworthy, Doug Winter, Mark Underseth, Geoffrey Hueter, Eric Tobias, Darrel Drinan, Rich Valencia, Itzhak Gurantz, Mary Zoeller, Fernando Corona, Lisa McKnight, Steve Austin, Carrie Stone, Vicki Marion, Marco Thompson, Julia Wilson, Kira Dunning, Amber Will

When: January 16, 11AM to 1PM including lunch

Where: Wind River Services, 10505 Sorrento Valley Road

What: The first "official" meeting of the Mentor Roundtable

The Mentor Roundtable of the San Diego Telecom Council meets 2-4 times per year. The goal of the roundtable, is to expose our Mentor Sponsors, and our CEO mentoring team, to the interesting startups in the region, and to learn about the progress of our mentoring program.

There are actually 4 invited groups:

1 The Mentor Committee, which manages the process.

2 A representative of each of our Mentor Sponsors

3 The CEO mentoring team - successful Communications executives who have offered their services

4 Client Technology companies... who may have requested some assistance from the SDTC.

We are expecting a kickoff crowd of 40 to 60 for this event.

Invited client companies: Cyberdog, Divx, Maxima, Net Exchange, Norsworthy, Objectiva, SW Partners, Pentech, Philometron, Profitline, Qthink, RF Magic, S2 Tech, V-Enable & More...

Preliminary Agenda for meeting:

1 Successes of the Mentoring Process in 2001

2 Introduction of the Mentoring Process for 2002

3 Quick Introduction of all attendees (30 second drill)

4 Introduction of Clients - 1-2 minute descriptions of each company and its needs

Please put this in your calendar.

This invitation is non-transferrable, unless your firm is a Mentor Sponsor, and you wish to nominate someone else to attend in your place.

Please send rsvps to



Wednesday, January 16, 2002
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