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Challenges and Opportunities of Indoor Location

Have you had problems finding your way inside? Perhaps at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the Consumer Electronic Show with no idea on how to get to that meeting? Many of the mobile applications integrate location but typically when you go indoors, finding your way can be a challenge – such as in a huge shopping mall or finding your gate at the airport
With new hybrid positioning technologies breaking through the market, they are expected to drive the mobile location-based services market to exceed $12 billion by 2014.  The cost of establishing location capabilities into devices has hit an all-time low. So low in fact that location is now expected to be in most portable devices, from mobiles to tablets, assets to vehicles.
The market potential for location and positioning technologies has exploded, everyone wants location everywhere.
Topics that will be discussed on this panel include:
·       How is data collected along with privacy issues and the role of crowd sourcing
·       What are the differences of rendering maps indoors versus outside
·       Are POIs (Points of Interests) inside of POIs used
·       How is indoor positioning done What is offline and online
·       Is E911 capable of indoor positioning
·       What is the role of augmented reality with indoor positioning
·       What are the killer apps for indoor services - Museums, airports, campuses, shopping malls, etc.
·       Are indoor-focused APIs for mapping and advertising needed by developers
·       Where does indoor not make sense

Matt Perkins
CTO & SVP Engineering, Awarepoint
A key innovator, technology leader and visionary for next generation wireless technologies, Matt Perkins serves as chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering for Awarepoint. In this role, Matt is responsible for system design, simulation, prototype development and merging innovation with entrepreneurial opportunity to increase Awarepoint’s market share in RTLS industries. Prior, Matt spent 10 years at Motorola as the Technical Director of the Things-to-Things Research Center where he was responsible for aligning business partnerships with technology roadmaps, directing strategic joint research partnerships related to distributed sensor networks and leading the development of Motorola’s Asset Tracking and Smart Energy technologies. Matt’s extensive experience includes being an individual contributor in the design and simulation of low-power, low-rate wireless sensor network protocols and the development of social networking algorithms and proof-of-concept vehicles. He led research on radio-location technologies and wireless sensor network protocol development, contributed to the IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.15.3 standards. Matt also served as Motorola’s Director Representative for the ZigBee Board of Directors. He remains an active leader in the ZigBee Alliance as Chair of the ZigBee Healthcare Working Group. Matt is an internationally known speaker on the topic of wireless sensor network technologies and a respected thought leader who is acknowledged by senior leadership teams, standards bodies and technical committees.  Matt has authored 13 U.S. issued patents as well as numerous journal and conference publications.

Joshua Marti
Co-Founder & CEO, Point Inside
With over 13 years dedicated to Location Based Services, Mr. Marti has a proven record of designing and developing cutting-edge technology products. Whether it was working at PACCAR on next generation navigation systems, at TeleCommunication Systems on E911 and commercial LBS deployments or working at Qualcomm deploying A-GPS systems for hundreds of millions of users, Mr. Marti has helped shape the way we consume LBS. Mr. Marti is currently Co-Founder and CEO at Point Inside, makers of the Interact(TM) platform, bringing the best parts of online to bricks and mortar for mobile. Interact helps bricks and mortar drive profits through increasing sales, illuminating dark corners and inspiring buyers through their shopping life-cycle. This hyper-local platform even allows coupons to tap you on the shoulder while standing in the aisle and is used by multi-billion dollar companies like Meijer Inc and Nordstrom. Mr. Marti has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Seattle University and serves on their Advisory Board.

Upkar Dhaliwal
CSO, InvisiTrack
As Chief Strategy Officer, Upkar is providing leadership and direction to InvisiTrack a small start-up with an Indoor positioning solution based on RF ranging technology that has been developed over the past five years with global patents and prototype demo units.  Upkar Dhaliwal is also Founder & CEO at Future Wireless Technologies; a Consultancy with over 20 years of hands-on wireless and internet experience. A Professional Chartered Engineer of Engineering Council UK, he is a Senior Wireless & RF System Architect/Executive industry expert serving on numerous industrial/technical bodies like IEEE 802.16, .15, IEEE IMS MTT-S, IEEE RWS and IEEE ICUWB, with specialized knowledge and technical leadership in the design and development of state of the art wireless circuits and systems doing technical business developments for Start-up and the investment community.  He has been building up HSPA, LTE, WIMAX, WRAN, MSS and UWB- BAN network and knowledge in business solutions which have included 802 WG Voting status and industry activities for 4G and Cognitive radios for 5G, all this involves very close customer engagements for architect strategies & specifications. He has worked for STMicroelectronics on a joint design team with NOKIA Mobile, for QUALCOMM for 8 years thru the 3G –CDMA/UMTS era, and for SAMSUNG Telecom for early 2G – GSM. At present, working on 4G with leading WiMAX Forum Founding member on 802.16e MIMO with 802.11n MIMO chipset using Intel Atom ecosystem. Also charting towards 5G in terms of Cognitive Radios.  Major accomplishments are world-class first’s early call in 3Gx1 CDMA, UMTS & Dual Mode UMTS+GSM chipset development – which is the complete design cycle of HW & SW integration from product definition to High Level definition thru to chipset verification, customer sampling/support, Type Approvals, GCF/CCF Certification Forum into production of the First single chip transceiver, single SW stack & integrated modem. Presently working with application teams to develop on x86 and ARM-Cortex platform for Android, MeeGo and Chrome OS in terms of LBS Location Based Services, Multi-party Cloud based Gaming, Hybrid Cloud Services and M2M 4G IP based communication for a SmartGrid network. Until most recently, he has led and defined Worldwide, multi-site (including Europe, US and India) RF R&D activities for ST’s Cellular Digital Radio Project’s Front End Solutions with Digital PA, Tunable Front-End and Adaptive Receiver at UCSD CWC and other centers. Undertaking some Course Instructor-ship for UCSD Extension on Body Area Wireless Medical Device Technologies.

Maureen Backe
VP, Technology Marketing, mb digital marketing
Maureen Backe brings a fresh understanding of the complexities of LBS with experience at numerous technology companies — content provider, wireless operator, mobile broadband OEM, and software company. She is an accomplished marketing executive with expertise in a broad range of product marketing, business development, and partner and developer relations roles. Most recently with the leading provider of location and navigation services, TomTom, she managed Developer Alliances globally in the licensing business unit. Maureen evangelized map offerings within the LBS Ecosystem to key partners and developers. She doubled the membership in the developer portal and expanded the LBS Innovator Series globally, programs that awarded close to $1 million in cash and prizes to innovative location-enhanced applications. Maureen also initiated and led successful marketing programs with strategic developer communities such as AT&T, Motorola, Qualcomm, and BlackBerry. In addition to TomTom, she has worked at AT&T, SS8 Networks, Leap Wireless, and Novatel Wireless. She also has designed and instructed numerous Internet technology classes at UCLA Extension through its Engineering and IT department. Maureen was awarded a fellowship to University of Southern California where she received her MSEE specializing in data communications and multimedia. She also holds an MBA from Drexel University and Bachelor of Engineering from Villanova University.

Neeraj S. Bhavani, Founder, President & CEO, TAGNOS
Frank Creede, CTO, Pacific Data Vision
Yukon Palmer, Founder, Field Technologies
Magda Remillard, COO, Virago Corp.
Mark Wells, CEO, DriveOK Inc. & CTO & Division President, Procon Inc.
Maureen Backe, Fmr. Sr. Marketing Manager, TomTom
Upkar Dhaliwal, Founder & CEO, Future Wireless Technologies

April 19th 2011


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
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12531 High Bluff Dr. #100 San Diego CA 92131