International Partners

San Diego is one of the largest wireless clusters in the United States with more than 300 companies currently work in the communications technology space. Multi-national communications giants such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, Kyocera, SAIC, and Qualcomm are part of the region’s strength. Another part of the vibrancy of San Diego’s cluster are the 300 SME’s, many with less than 50 employees, which are creating the innovation found in today’s wireless devices.

Because communications technology is a global industry and not a regional one, ensuring that the San Diego region remains a global leader in communications technology requires maintaining strong ties with national and international markets. European and Asian markets are ahead of the U.S. in some segments of the industry and forging strategic alliances with telecommunications enterprises in these areas may serve to strengthen our individual companies and the industry as a whole within the region.

CommNexus San Diego's main mission is to grow our region’s communications cluster, both vertically and horizontally, by giving member companies access to markets and access to capital. By creating alliances with various wireless clusters around the globe, we are able to match-up local companies with international companies looking for a particular technology.

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